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Neither austerity nor growth: solidarity is our only hope. Our future is in our hand. But our generation have to take final preparation for that long journey. They have to have a sharp focus on their destiny. Time is our enemy. This time favours only those who are open, responsive, creative and diverse. So, we all need long-term strategy through a realistic lens, driven by ideology and deeply connected with the reality to restore a viable social and economic entity for future.  I welcome you all of any responses that you might have to stimulate debate and new approaches in business rather than to advance a single point of view or strategy. Good luck!!


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Adjei is one of the most talented young entrepreneurs in UK. This Ghana born British entrepreneur is the founder, investor and managing partners of London Property Management Business Venture.

He is an ambitious and passionate businessman who is trying to enable many young people to realize their vision of changing the status quo in the property sector.  

Adjei's passion for delivering a quality service in property management is unparalleled, and he is excited to be supporting community people in building a business that will change the face of property management in London. He demands a five star service and deserves nothing less.

He has brought “Adjei Business Model” in London Property Management, which is well reputed in East London. He is also developing an innovative online and app approach to selling and renting property and wish to have a successful launch on the London market.

This iconic business entrepreneur spends his leisure time for philanthropic purpose, good cause and to solve social issues.

Adjei is an irreverent man of egalitarian outlook and a socially responsible businessman.

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